Introducing tunability to Terasense IMPATT based THz generators

As a customer-centric provider, TERASENSE continuously takes efforts to develop and improve its products to meet the growing expectations of the customers. It’s time to tell you about another round of upgrades, which we experience now and  which touched on our THz generators this time.

We know how  many customers are looking for  tunable THz sources. As our first step forward to help meet their needs we are ready to offer our first two tunable models of sub-THz sources (IMPATT based generators) as outlined below:


100 GHz (>80 mW) wave source140 GHz (>30 mW) wave source
Frequency: ~100 GHzFrequency: ~140 GHz
Output power:>80 mW output rfpower)  Output power:>30 mW output rfpower)

Technology is based on paired master and IMPATT generators, where it is a tunable master generator with amplifier sets the frequency of the whole source. Frequency tunability bandwidth is just about +/- 0.25 GHz, which means that  the total tunable range covers 0.5 GHz. However, it's just the first step, which is always  troublesome  and  hard. We all know that practice makes perfect, and there are no doubts that the future models will have broader tunablity range and better set of characteristics.

One can rest assured that there will be some other tunable sources that coming in the wake of these first two . In particular, one tunable terahertz source with much wider tubability span of 71 - 77 GHz (output power 300 mW) is currently in the pipeline. The exact time of its  release is not clear yet, but we already know that it is expected to include base unit  142 - 154 GHz; or 284 - 308 GHz. The output power at 150 GHz is anticipated at the level of 100 mW, while 300 GHz it will hardly exceed  25 mW.

Feel free  to check with us and we will be happy to keep you updated on our progress.

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