Manual for 300 GHz wave source is available for download now

Based on the actual inquires and questions form our customer it’s getting more and more obvious that higher-frequency terahertz sources  are in demand  and will keep agitating minds. Our 180 GHz and 300 GHz wave sources recently added to product line have gathered high interest among users, while people keep asking about 600 GHz emitters and even higher frequencies and these devices are likely to remain in focus of many researchers in the foreseeable future. TeraSense tries hard to keep abreast with the most progressive part of terahertz community. As you know we recently announced the release of our brand new product a 300 GHz generator. After that we were virtually inundated with questions relating to its technical characteristics. Of course, we answered all of them to our best knowledge and abilities, but it finally prompted to put together a MANUAL with a full list of specifications and lots of other relevant and valuable information.

If you are keen on terahertz technology and are searching the web for a reliable THz source for 300 GHz generator, please take a moment to look in this manual.  As with all other manuals compiled by our best THz imaging experts, everything is self explanatory here. Yet it is worth while to point out a few salient features. For instance, the OVERVIEW page indicates the direction of polarization, which is highly essential for certain applications. It also shows one important indicator -the overheating LED, which is ON when it’s time to take a little break and let equipment take a rest too.  In fact, it is so important that there is stand alone section at page 6 dedicated to OVERHEATING.

SPECIFICATION section provides bunch of other priceless information, which is not always available at the top of mind of our sales managers. For instance, those users who plan to make up a THz system or integrate THz source into some larger setup, would surely find useful the overall dimensions of device or power connector specs, or MOD frequency etc. Some of these data are crucial in terms of ensuring compatibility with certain external equipment.

The last and most important section is OPERATION, which provides fairly detailed ops instructions and rudimentary troubleshooting helpful hints. We strongly recommend that each our customer who purchased and is using our terahertz source carefully study the whole manual and especially this section. After all, it may determine the difference between a warranty case and damage goes beyond warranty coverage.

You are welcome to download the Manual by clicking the icon below and ask any questions.

Of course, we encourage you to consider purchasing the device as well!

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