Old type terahertz sources give way to the new generation

Our customers and web-site visitors know that many of terahertz imaging applications require high power sources. High power may be a critical success factor in THz imaging in case when a thick object or high density objects are irradiated, because high power enables penetration deep into material or through it. This prompted Terasense to master technology for manufacturing powerful electro-vacuum terahertz sources, based on backward wave oscillator effect. We used to offer four different sources with center frequencies set at 100 GHz, 140 GHz, 200 GHz and 300 GHz and output powers reaching 1 W for some of them. Our aggregate generation frequency range covered the span between 80 – 360 GHz These mighty THz sources operated in a continuous wave mode with electronic frequency tunability and were marketed under name TERASOURCE .

However the situation with our TERASOURCES changed in about a year and a half and eventually Terasense had to discontinue their production/supply. We realized that this product (TERASOURCE) was very time-consuming in production, very expensive for many customer's budgets and required extreme care in operation. We terminated our contacts with BWO component suppliers and officially discontinued supply of product called TERASOURCE (BWO). So, after having been posted for one year at out web-page This product is no longer posted at our website and has been removed from our catalogues.

Well, when one door closes, another one opens! As a blessing in disguised, the situation with Terasource released new resources and helped our IMPATT Diode technology get a new lease of life early this year. IMPATT  diode (also referred to as «Read diode») stands for IMPact ionization Avalanche Transit-Time diode, which represents a type of a high power semiconductor diode which is typically implemented in high-frequency microwave devices. This technology allows generate signal at frequency range from a few GHz to few hundred GHz. One of the key advantages is the high-power capability comparing to other types of diode generators. This year Terasense has considerably expanded our product line which our product line and our THz sources now covers frequencies: 100 GHz ; 140 GHz ; 180 GHz ; 300 GHz ... and for some of them we offer a few options of power output reaching 330 mW.  We highly recommend our Terahertz sources based on enhanced super-hero IMPATT diode technology.

Moreover, Terasense has very ambitious plans for the nearest future to add a few new models possibly covering higher frequencies. So, you have all the reason to stay tuned to Terasense and we will try our best to meet your needs in THz emitters! Please feel free to ask questions!

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