Terahertz imaging system software packages are upgraded to allow transition from Pyton 2.7 to Python 3.x

Thousands of end-users  of terahertz systems manufactured by TERASESE  are well aware of the software package set of components supplied with each terahertz imaging camera /scanner (i.e. both 2D and 1D linear cameras ).  Our Tera Viewer ® Software  (TSV) is written in PYTHON and has Python API (Application Program Interface). Besides, we provide SDK (Software Developer’s Kit) upon request (C/C++ and LabVIEW SDK interfaces are available).

Of course, over the time some  software package items are becoming obsolete and therefore require regular and timely upgrade. In particular, in our case it is necessitated by the recent upgrades introduced in PYTHON, which is an external software provider that Tera Viewer® relies upon. Beginning from the year 2020 Python 2.7  is not supported anymore, which prompts transition of our software package to  Python 3.x .

All our customers are welcome to download the most up-to-date version of complete software package from our web-site https://terasense.com/software/tera/

System requirements: Windows 10, 32- and 64-bit  (Windows 7 should work but is not officially supported).

With that being said, as our IT engineer assured, there’s no need for our former customers, who have purchased our systems in the past, for the upgrade, unless they are interested in such upgrade themselves. The upgraded version does not contain any new features. This change effects only the new system supplied in 2020. Besides, our numerous distributors around the world may also find practical using such update , as they need to keep abreast with the progress.

Just as a brief recap for you, our Tera Vierwer® software (supplied with each THz camera/scanner) enables obtaining both still images (THz images) and  regular visual mode stream (i.e. 24 fps). Tera Viewer® also allows a user to switch between various modes e.g. panorama view, video mode. Of course, saving of THz still images  and data export is also one of the fundamental functions taken care of by the software.

  However, it is API (Application Program Interface) written in PYTHON  that supports raw data extraction, which many of our scientific customers also require. Below please see a  typical set of software package, including Python 3.x installation, which now looks quite impressive, doesn’t it?

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