Terahertz systems found their place at Asian microwave conference, APMC-2018, Kyoto

TeraSense technology deals with sub-terahertz and terahertz regions of electromagnetic spectrum and therefore Terasense usually focuses to participates in terahertz-related conferences and exhibitions, for instance IRMMW-THz and the like. But science knows no boundaries, indeed, and we decided that a small expansion into microwave domain, adjacent to our sub-terahertz span would be a natural and useful endeavor.  Tokyo Instruments our Japanese distributor helped us carry it through and exhibited our devices at 2018 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference about one month ago. APMC-2018 was held in November 6-9, 2018, at Kyoto International Conference Center, Kyoto, Japan.

The series of APMC began at New Delhi, India in 1986 and this year event happened to be the commemorable 30th conference. Just as many other similar international shows the Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference represents an excellent ground for showcasing products. APMC is the largest microwave event of the Asia-Pacific region. It provides a broad forum for participants from both academia and industries to exchange information, share research results, and discuss collaborations in the fields of not only microwave, but also millimeter wave and terahertz and sub terahertz and even to the far infrared and optical waves.

Our distributor arranged showcasing of a few of our prominent products at the show. In particular, it was our THz imaging camera Tera-1024 together with an our new mighty  100 GHz (200 mW) generator.  This and other demo-kits represent fully functional systems, which allow our customers to observe amazing capabilities of our THz imaging technology on the spot and even test their own materials at the exhibition. We believe APCM-2018 helped us generate some interest in the field and acquire quite a few high profile prospects.

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