TeraSense announces FALL SALE -up to 15% OFF- on all Terahertz imaging cameras, THz generators and sub-THz ultrafast detectors!

FALL SALEDear Terahertz researchers, THz scientific and industrial stakeholders and our web-site visitors keenly interested Terahertz-related topics!

We hope your R&D projects are all up and running now and you may be approaching the time to make decision about procurement of relevant Terahertz imaging equipment and THz gear. We kindly ask you to consider our Terahertz imaging systems, which may have picked your interest earlier, and which have just become even more attractive with our FALL-2014 discounts in effect!

We know that at the year end many scientific R&D facilities, government institutions or other entities that have obtained funds could be willing to spend the rest of their 2014-budget to invest in certain innovations relevant to their applications. This is why we decided to approach the end of the fiscal year with this attractive proposition* of our FALL DISCOUNTS ranging from 5% to 15% OFF (depends on the model and the quantity of items ordered). We are confident that making our devices more affordable to end users may help appropriation of funds and facilitate final purchase decision. We encourage your to check out our cool sub-Terahertz imaging cameras; THz generating sources (IMPATT diodes) and single Ultrafast sub-Terahertz detectors.

The key message to our potential clients that we are trying drive home here is that there will hardly be a better time to buy our products than before the end of 2014, as we consider increasing our prices in early 2015… So, you have all the more reason to hurry up and make the right purchase decision now!

*This offer does not apply to our distributors!

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