Terasense has far-reaching and ambitious plans to develop terahertz imaging systems

Terasense is a relatively young company, which is evolving and maturing with each new year we leave behind and with each new order we successfully complete for customers.  Since the time our first terahertz imaging sensor array prototype was produced about 7 years ago we have substantially improved our THz devices and expanded our product line. During these years we have supplied thousands of terahertz devices, including but not limited to point THz detectors, terahertz generators; THz imaging cameras and terahertz imaging systems of various complexity and configuration to hundreds of our customers.

We are making attempts to grow the demand in terahertz devices and some application fields seem to be more promising than the others. Over the time we have been in the market we certainly managed to collect quite a number of specific application cases based on the orders & inquiries from our real clients. We summarized this valuable information about suitable APPLICATIONS at our web-site.

Obviously one positive achievement is that many industrial customers have recently ‘awakened’ to our terahertz technology and now show increasingly growing interest to it. However in order to keep pace with modern trends aimed at realizing great potential that our THz technology we need to join efforts with our customers. Therefore we kindly ask our customers and web-site visitor to share their opinions on how they would prefer our product to develop in the future by answering a few simple question below:

  1. Where do you wish to apply the terahertz imaging technology?    
  • Non-destructive imaging of ceramics, wood, textile
  • Security body scanner
  • Security mail and parcel screening
  • Medical diagnostics
  • Food inspection
  • Telecommunication
  • Your case …
  1. Which frequency do you think would fit your application best?
  • 100 GHz
  • 300 GHz
  • 600 GHz
  • Your frequency …
  1. Which of the future TeraSense products do you require most?   
  • Square shaped camera (256, 1024 and 4096 pixels) with pixel size 0.5 mm
  • Linear scanner with pixel size 0.5 mm
  • Powerful 300 GHz terahertz source with 50 – 100 mW output power 
  • 600 GHz terahertz source with 0.2 – 1 mW output power
  • Your propositions …
  1. Which of the future TeraSense accessories do you need most? 
  • High-speed modulator (switch) for the sources
  • Ethernet connection to the devices
  • C++ program visual shell
  • Encoder support for the terahertz linear scanner
  • Your propositions …

You are welcome to write to us via contact form below and share your opinion. We will certainly use your information to enhance our existing products and making new products  in the distant or not so distant future.  All your thoughts and comets are greatly appreciated.

Have any questions? Please contact us.