TERASENSE showcases new THz linear imaging scanner system at FGTC-2019, Germany

In keeping  with our own marketing plans for attending trade-shows in 2019, Terasense  exhibited at  French-German Terahertz conference 2019  (FGTC-2019) held in  Kaiserslautern, Germany, from the 2nd of April throughout the 5th of April, 2019. This conventionally biennial conference brought together  scientists and industrialists working in many fields of terahertz science and technology.

Dr. Gombo Tsydynzhapov, our best THz expert who represented Terasense at the show pointed out  a bit  unusual  format chosen for this event.  The organizers combined the German Terahertz Center (DTZ) and respective French event (“THz days”) in 2019 under one common roof of the „Gartenschau“ complex next to the Neumühlpark in Kaiserslautern, Germany that has become the venue for the conference. Needless to say that naturally it could not but impact the actual contingent of the FGTC-2019 show, who turned out to be predominantly of German and French origin.

As always our impressive product line featuring  THz imaging scanner systems, sub-THz sources, terahertz imaging cameras (sensor arrays),   and point THz detectors perfectly fit in the paradigm & format of this exhibition. As always to allow customers virtually feel the taste of THz waves and first-hand see how our technology actually works, Terasense  showcased our table-top Tera-1024 (32x32pixels) THz imaging system with THz source at 100 GHz.

Moreover, this time seeking  to magnify the mesmerizing effect of THz imaging, we demonstrated our table-top Tera-64 (64x1 pixel) THz imaging systems. This kit include THz source at 100 GHz with a specially configured cylindrical  PTFE lens designed to create a linear beam shape, just line our type-I source used for high speed THz imaging scanner at 100 GHz. Of course this table-top linear camera demo kit pales in comparison with our full-size high speed THz scanner system, but it enabled customer  to get a first-hand experience of the terahertz scanning process and all of its advantages.

We hope that FGTC-2019 has been quite successful as we have just began receiving inquiries form customers with questions and RFQs. Eventfully, only time will show the extent of our success at the show, because the purchase decision making process for customers in THz field tends to take a while. Of course, we will happy to stick around to follow up until we entirely satisfy their THz imaging needs and wants. Was könnte besser sein!

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