THz imaging system to be showcased at Kaiserslautern exhibition, Germany –April 2019

In keeping  with our own THz-related exhibition plan for 2019, which we posted a few weeks ago, Terasense is getting ready to participate in French-German Terahertz conference 2019, that will be held in  Kaiserslautern, Germany, from 2 April – 5 April, 2019.

This year the format chosen for this conventionally biennial conference is a bit unusual and will be more international than ever before. The organizers decide to combine the German Terahertz Center (DTZ) and respective French event (“THz days”) in 2019, and one common event will take place at the „Gartenschau“ in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

The conference brings together  scientists and students working in all fields of terahertz science and technology and TeraSense will perfectly fit in with our pretty impressive product line of terahertz imaging cameras (sensor arrays),  THz imaging scanner systems , sub-THz sources and point THz detectors.

In the wake of many similar events in the past, the conference will be accompanied by an industrial exhibition, a self-organized meeting of German, French and other scientists.

Terasense is  going to send one of our best guru, Dr. Gombo Tsydynzhapov, who is still fairly young and will definitely be instrumental in answering all the tricky questions, which customers often tend to have with regard to capabilities of our THz imaging systems, both at 100 and 300 GHz. On top of that, to magnify the mesmerizing effect of THz imaging our representative will showcase our table-top Tera-1024 THz imaging system with THz source, so that our customers could virtually feel how our technology actually works .

The „Gartenschau“ complex next to the Neumühlpark in Kaiserslautern will be the conference venue. This spacious site with parks and water ponds  represents an interesting combination of historic buildings with modern architecture. It is located at the edge of the City Center of Kaiserslautern.  So, visitors  may rest assured that terahertz impressions will be comfortably mixed and complemented with terrific sightseeing.

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