Updated manuals for terahertz imaging cameras and linear THz scanners

TERASENSE has hit many online ratings and international reports as one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of terahertz imaging cameras, terahertz generators  and THz detectors meant for scientific and industrial use in many applications.  Being a research-focused company committed to the concept of continuous improvement our experts always  reserve the right to modify outward appearance or upgrade configuration of device(s) as necessary to ensure  optimal performance of the system. Many manufactures with  R&D and engineering departments being far ahead of their sales & marketing usually make  such statements  too, which  may apply to product items even after purchase order was placed. In such cases we usually confirm that such changes/upgrades should not impact the price or the characteristics of the product/system ordered.

 Just as many other innovative companies TERASENSE evolves with time and our terahertz imaging systems are developed and get better each year.  Of course, such process of introducing improvements entails the necessity to maintain all other aspects  up-to-date to exclude any discrepancies and inconsistencies between our hardware and software.

Just a few weeks ago we posted the news about  in THz  imaging system software upgrades to allow transition from Pyton 2.7 to  Python 3.x.   This time, in the wake of software, we are happy to announce that we have also updated our Manuals for all 2D THz systems  and 1D linear scanners systems and, accordingly our square and linear cameras.

In particular, we have updated the Manuals for our square Tera-1024 and Tera-256 THz cameras  and our high speed  linear  TeraFAST-256 scanner system. For  the most part such updates effected the pages of the manuals  related to the software installation process, while other text was simply checked and trimmed up to ‘debug' and remove any inconsistencies.

Moreover, we issued a stand alone Manual for our largest 2D THz camera model Tera-4096, which has certain peculiarities associated with the process of connecting to PC and some ops issues.   There is no doubt it will reduce the number of questions from our customers and ease up the operational burden upon of our technical support team.

Finally,  for our customers keen on our high speed 300 GHz industrial scanner with higher imaging resolution capabilities we prepared separate Manuals for models with sensor arrays 256x1 pixel and 512x1 pixel, which if converted to conventional measuring units correspond to 128mm (5.04’’ inches) and 256mm(10.08’’ inches),  respectively. 
All our customers are welcome to download the most up-to-date versions of the Manuals  including API (Application program interface) from our Software portal at our web-site.

Have any questions? Please contact us.