Terahertz imagers

TeraSense has developed an original patent-protected technology for making a new generation of semiconductor imaging systems for Terahertz (THz) and sub-THz frequency ranges. TeraSense devices bridge terahertz gap (0.1 — 1) THz. The heart of the imaging system is terahertz detector. TeraSense detectors have an advantage with their low cost and ease of fabrication in large quantities in the form of 2D arrays, thanks to compatibility of the technology with mass-production lines of semiconductor industry. The imaging arrays are scalable in the number of pixels. Read More

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World first high speed low-cost terahertz semiconductor cameras,
detectors, sources and THz optics components

Terasense news

Terasense releases new versions of 300 GHz wave source

November, 16, 2017

A bit earlier Terasense has already released the news about our new terahertz sources at 300 GHz based on IMPATT technology.  But as we know, a large portion of what is considered to be new in science is  actually a...

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New video: Terahertz imaging for mail and parcel screening

October, 27, 2017

Just imagine how effective and safe it can be to check mail envelopes and parcels if you get the speed of 15 m/s, the use of absolutely harmless radiation, the compactness of the solution and all this for reasonable money. All...

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Terahertz explores new horizons: with the best solutions for postal security issues

October, 25, 2017

In the very end of September, the world’s leading international exhibition and conference for the postal and parcel industry, Post Expo 2017, was held at Geneva’s Palexpo. This is the most significant global event for the world’s postal, parcel, and...

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New Video guide shows setup of the upgraded THz imaging scanner with Type-II source

October, 22, 2017

Rapid non-destructive characterization of objects & defects in uniform materials and under coated surfaces and identification of hidden objects still remain to be primary applications of our terahertz imaging technology. Over so many years in the THz market Terasense has...

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TeraSense technology

TeraSense has developed a new leading edge technology for making innovative terahertz imaging equipment. Our intelligent and flexible technological solutions can offer a multitude of possibilities to customers from both scientific and industrial areas.


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