Our Terahertz Linear Camera TERA-1024 (256×4) has recently got a face-lifting

Tera-1024 linear-1 TeraSense remains committed to the concept of continuous improvement. Along with developing new products we try to take good care of our existing product line. We quite often introduce new enhancements or add convenient modifications meant to improve their operation, ease up integration into
industrial process or simply make the product more attractive to customers. This time we are happy to introduce the new face of our linear THz imaging camera TERA-1024 (256x4). 
This upgraded product craftily builds on success of Terasense® original patent protected technology. Our linear THz camera is based on our standard TERA-series imager, but is supplied with a modified version of software meant to support  THz scanning procedure (with subsequent integration of   Tera-1024 linear-2
the image). Its specially configured sensor array is designed to satisfy specific needs in THz-imaging  for quality control, non-destructive testing and similar applications to include those associated with machine vision technology.
Just as a recap for you below are the key specifications for this unique product:
TERA-4x256 specs
Set to operate in the sub-Teraherz and Terahertz frequency range (0.1-0.7 THz), where most of common materials are transparent, our detectors have excellent responsivity as compared to similar products in the market.
Tera-1024 Linear

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