SEMIC RF Electronic GmbH has become our authorized reseller/distributor for European Union

Terasense is steadily growing its worldwide network of distributors and resellers keen on Terahertz (THz) solutions and applications of T-rays in various fields of science and industry. THz-based devices being absolutely harmless for humans continue attracting thousands of scientific and industrial clients around the globe. Terasense, as a the owner of that mesmerizing patent protected technology, is determined to capitalize on this phenomenon and, of course, will share success with its loyal partners (resellers, distributors, sales agents).
Presently the number of Terasense resellers barely exceeds 20 companies. That’s not too many, and we need to increase the coverage not only to raise sales (which is the ultimate goal of any marketing project) but also to strengthen our market position via endorsement that our local resellers may provide in the regions.
Quite recently we managed to enter into distributorship contract with SEMIC RF Electronic GmbH. SEMIC is a German enterprise with headquarters in Taufkirchen located in the suburb of Munich. SEMIC was founded in 1986 and has now become one of the main business partners in the field of high- and very high-frequency technology from DC to Terahertz (THz) range frequencies. The company offers Micro-Drones used for military and civil applications.
We feel highly proud that SEMIC RF Electronic GmbH decided to join our Terahertz club and we lay high hopes on their mighty outreach throughout the whole of Europe and beyond.
SEMIC has already announced its intention to participate in the 3rd THz Workshop in Switzerland (February 3-5, 2015 EPFL Campus, Lausanne) and represent Terahertz-products manufactured by Terasese. Seeking to render the best support to their marketing/promotional efforts we will try to deliver one DEMO kit (our basic TERA-256 sub-THz imaging camera with THz source) to this great Exhibition in the heart of Europe.

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