2016 International terahertz-related events TeraSense plans to exhibit at

Terahertz technology is gaining momentum each year, prompting more and more organizers to arrange new exhibitions dedicated to this highly popular subject and its respective applications. Of course, TeraSense as a leader in its market segment needs to keep abreast with the times and use every opportunity to show its innovative products to THz world community. This is why at the end of the year we have already come up with our 2016-Exhibitions agenda. We do hope that exhibiting at such high-profile international THz events as listed below will help us stay on top of the topic and share our insights with other colleagues in the industry!
There are much fewer people nowadays, who would argue that Terahertz technology has proven to be a valuable tool for applications in testing, measurement and diagnostics. The technology’s potential for these application spheres has been demonstrated in a number of ways during the past years. However, scientists are still faced with challenging questions when it comes to the industrial use of terahertz technology. Such multinational workshops foster exchange of knowledge and experience between academics and industry in rapidly developing field of terahertz technology, and thereby creates favorable conditions for breaching many gaps.
It is the industrial use that usually puts a lot of challenging questions but eventually becomes a touchstone for every innovative technology. Most of the exhibitions we selected address primary and most promising applications for TeraSense products and technology, such as: Non-destructive Testing,  Homeland Security, Communications, and New THz system Technologies.
Terasense team produces excellent THz imaging systems and accessories and is already effectively building the bridge with potential end-users of terahertz measurement systems. Come visit our booth stands to find the industry leaders ready and willing to answer your purchasing and technical questions, as we don’t want you to miss a thing!

 01-VDI AAA02-SPIE Defense AAA03-IMS(02) 
 04-HZDR-2016(2) 05_THz workshop 2016-Italy 06-IRMMW-2016(3) 

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