Terasense Ultrafast sub-Terahertz detector has demonstrated excellent response time < 150 ps!

Dear clients, partners and simply web-site visitors keenly interested in state-of-the art THz-imaging technologies and breakthroughs! TERASENSE consistently takes great efforts both to expand our product line and to improve our existing off-the-shelf devices. We promised to keep you up-to-date on our most salient achievements and this is the good to walk the talk!

Not without a reasonable touch of pride, after months of hard work and concentrated efforts our research lab engineers can finally claim to have achieved substantial improvements in the operating parameters of our Ultrafast sub-THz detector. This device, which we present as our featured product, consistently demonstrated response time of less than 150 ps (as was directly measured by external equipment). The detector was excited by a 1ps-long powerful (200 nJ) THz-pulse with a broad spectrum ranging from 0.1 to 3 THz. Its response was recorded by a Rohde&Schwarz RTO1044 oscilloscope (4 GHz-bandwidth). The measured short response time value allows using our detectors for straightforward investigation of fast transient processes in THz-science!

In this connection we would like to thank to our partner Avesta Ltd. for kindly providing their Tera-AX generator of ultra-short THz pulses for these measurements. Likewise, R&S RTO1044 oscilloscope was the courtesy of Rohde & Schwarz and we take this chance to extend our deep appreciation to this company for their contribution to our success!

We take pride in every product we devise and we encouraged you to visit PRODUCTS section of our web-site for the detailed description / specifications of this device, some of which are specified below:

Passive detector of sub-terahertz radiation

DC resistance:
Response time:
Frequency range:
Sensitivity (typical):
Noise Equivalent Power:
Damage threshold:

Detector sensitive area:
Overall dimensions:
SMA connector

50- 80 Ω
< 150 ps
10 GHz – 1.2 THz
~ 1 V/W
500 pW/√Hz
≥ 100 mW for CW power
≥ 100 W for impulse mode
2 mm x 2 mm
23 mm x 29 mm x 6.5 mm


Note: detector response was recorded by RTO1044 oscilloscope (4 GHz-bandwidth; rise time 100 ps).

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